File-Express: File Sharing Service

File-Express: File Sharing Service is designed to allow members of the UF community to share files in a secure and easy manner.

General Instructions - File-Express: File Sharing Service

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Folder Creation - The Basics:

Use this option if you are a UF user and you will be the one uploading files for download. The default settings here will be sufficient and will indicate that you, the folder creator will be uploading files that may contain restricted data.

  1. Access the site through:

  2. Click on the "Upload" tab in the menu or the "Create your File-Express folder and upload files" button on the homepage. Login with your Gatorlink account username and password when prompted.

    File-Express: File Sharing Service page loads. Please reference Figure 1 below.

  3. My Upload for "Prepare folder for:" will already be selected for you.

  4. Yes for "Restricted Data Upload" will already be selected for you.

    Additionally, the "Folder Created by" field will automatically be filled in with your name and UF email address.

  1. Designate a Folder Name to more easily remember the folder's settings or contents if you have to come back to the folder later. If no name is entered the folder name will be 'Folder'.

  2. The Expiration Date for the folder (the date the folder will be deleted) will be automatically set to 1 day from the date of creation.This setting is required when uploading restricted data.

  3. Optional - set the Access Notification option. When set, File-Express: File Sharing Service will email you, the folder creator, every time the File-Express folder is accessed.

  4. The Type of Authentication setting will automatically be set to GatorLink from List. This setting makes the File-Express folder accessible to only those Gatorlink users specified in the Gatorlink Username List setting and is unchangeable when uploading restricted data.

  5. Designate additional gatorlink accounts that should have access to download files from your File-Express folder in the Gatorlink Username List setting. When uploading restricted data at least one additional gatorlink username must be added here.

Figure 1. My Upload / Restricted Data (click to enlarge) HomePageview
  1. Optional - Designate "Send Email To:" addresses. If gatorlink usernames were added to the "Gatorlink Username List" you can click the "Add Gatorlink Addresses to 'Send Email To':" button to copy an address into this setting. Manually add Non-UF and other recipient email addresses (separated by commas or spaces).File-Express: File Sharing Service will send a notification email to you, the folder creator, and CC these additional email addresses when files are available for download which will include the settings from Subject Line and Extra Info/Instructions and the URL to the File-Express folder.

  2. Optional - Enter a Subject Line for the email that File-Express: File Sharing Service will send when the upload is completed. If left blank the subject will included the folder creator's name and expiration date.

  3. Optional - Enter any "Extra Info/Instructions". This information will appear in the email sent by File-Express: File Sharing Service.

  4. Click the "Create/Update File-Express folder" button to progress to the upload screen.

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Folder Creation - "Outside User Upload":

Use this option to allow someone without a gatorlink account to upload files. A gatorlink user must first use File-Express: File Sharing Service to create a folder specifying File-Express folder settings. File-Express: File Sharing Service will then email the 'Outside User' a one-time use URL to upload files into the File-Express folder. It is important to note that the 'Outside User' will be disallowed access to uploading files after the first notification email sent by File-Express: File Sharing Service.

  1. Follow the steps from the baseic procedure for creating a folder documented above. However, choose "Outside User Upload" for the Prepare folder for: setting.

  2. After selecting Outside User Upload additional settings will be available at the bottom of the screen as displayed in Figure 2.

  1. Enter "Outside Uploader's Email" address for Non-UF recipients. A link to your folder will be sent in the email allowing the recipient one-time upload access.

  2. Enter "Extra Info/Instructions" to explain to the Outside Uploader why you created the File-Express folder and/or what files you are expecting to be uploaded.

  3. Click the "Create/Update File-Express folder" button to progress to the next screen.

Figure 2. Outside User Upload (click to enlarge) Outside User Uploader Settings
  1. When preparing a folder for an outside user then next screen will show you the summary of settings for the File-Express folder and will send the email to the outside uploader. You will not be given an opportunity to upload files into this folder at this time. To view a sample of the screen displayed click here.

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Folder Creation - No Restricted Data

Use this option to indicate that the data you will be uploading contains no restricted or sensitive data. When uploading non-restricted data you have additional authentication options for your File-Express folder which allow people without gatorlink accounts to download files. Additionally, your File-Express folder can have a longer expiration time.

  1. Follow the steps from the basic procedure for creating a folder documented above. However, choose "No" for the Restricted Data Upload: setting.

  2. After selecting No you will be able to change settings for "Files Should Expire By" and "Type of Authentication" as shown in figure 3.

  1. The "Files Should Expire By" box will no longer be greyed out allowing you to change this setting. By default the File-Express folder will expire, be deleted, 1 day(s) after creation. The maximum expiration date will be displayed. If you choose anything beyond the maximum it will be automatically changed to the maximum expiration when the folder is created.

Figure 3. No Restricted Data (click to enlarge) No Restricted Data Settings
  1. Designate Type of Authentication needed to access the File-Express folder.

    • No Authentication - folder is accessible to anyone that knows the folder's URL. Used for non-UF recipients.

    • Any GatorLink User - folder is accessible to anyone that knows the folder's URL and is able to GatorLink authenticate.

    • GatorLink from List - folder is accessible to specific users only after Gatorlink authentication.

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Uploading Files

  1. After clicking the "Create/Update File-Express folder" button the application will progress to the upload screen (as seen in Figure 4).

  2. Click the +Add Files button. In the resulting file dialog window select one or more files and click the "Open" button. The file(s) will be queued for upload by the upload manager. You can repeat this step multiple times to queue several files. In this example several JPG image files have been queued.

  3. In most browsers, as files are added the upload should start automatically. If the upload doesn't start, click the "Start Upload" button.

  4. Wait for the Status of each file to reach 100% uploaded before continuing.

  5. If you need to add more files to upload at this point, click the +Add Files button to begin the process again.

  6. At any time during the upload process you can click the Stop Upload button to cancel any current uploads and progress with the rest of the process with the files that successfully uploaded.

Figure 4. Upload Files (click to enlarge) Upload Files
  1. Click the Finish button at the bottom when you have uploaded all your files.

    After clicking this button you will be shown the text of the notification email sent by File-Express: File Sharing Service. This notification email will not be sent until all uploaded files have been encrypted and are ready for download. As a result, there may be a delay. If you access the File-Express folder before all files are available you will see a notification that some files are not yet available. An example of the notification email is below (click to enlarge).

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Downloading Files

  1. Click on the File-Express folder link provided in the email that File-Express: File Sharing Service sends to the folder creator and/or to email addresses supplied by the folder creator in the "Send Email To" setting as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4. (click to enlarge) Example of Email Notification from File-Express
  1. The File-Express: File Sharing Service page opens displaying you a file index for the folder as displayed in Figure 5.

  2. Click on the desired filename to open and/or download the file

  3. Alternatively, you can right-click the filename and choose Save target as... from the resulting context menu to download a file.

Figure 5. (click to enlarge) Example of File-Express Folder Index
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