File-Express: File Sharing Service

File-Express: File Sharing Service is designed to allow members of the UF community to share files in a secure and easy manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the supported browsers for File-Express: File Sharing Service?
    The upload manager supports three means of performing file uploads. In order of preference they are: HTML5 (supported by the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), Microsoft Silverlight, and Adobe Flash.

  • How can I access my folder?
    New users to the system will not have a folder until they log-in for the first time and create one. Afterwards, folder creators can access their folders through the drop down menu on the first page of the folder creation process.

  • How can I view/edit/delete the items in folder?
    As the creator of a folder, the system sends you an email with the link to the folder.  You can access the files through that link and delete them. Additionally, you can delete an entire folder from the first page of the folder creation process by selecting it from the listing of previous folders.

  • Can I upload multiple files at one time?
    Depending on the browser used, you should be able to use the  “Shift click”/ “Control click” option to select multiple files at one time to upload. Additionally, some browsers will allow you to drag-and-drop files onto the upload manager. However, just because you can upload many files into a single File-Express folder it doesn't mean it is a good idea. The more files you place into a File-Express folder the harder it is on File-Express: File Sharing Service and on the user to download. Consider creating an archive file of some sort (ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc) when you have over ten files in a single File-Express folder.

  • Are there file type limitations?

  • Are there file size limitations?
    The maximum individual file size is 5GB. A user can upload multiple files not exceeding this limit to a single, or multiple, folders. In other words, the total size of several uploaded files can be greater than this limit, but a single file can be no larger than 5GB.

  • How many folders/files can I have created at the same time?
    There is no limit on the number of folders you can create or on the number of files you can upload into a folder.  Limits will be placed and based up to how much space the File-Express: File Sharing Service application has available. If the server has no more space then it will be unable to accept uploads.

  • I accidentally selected the wrong file, how can I delete it before it uploads?
    There is a ‘cancel’ link as the file uploads.  However, if files are small they will upload too fast to use the ‘cancel’ link. You will have to delete the file after it has upload through the “Edit my Folder/Files” options.  If the file is large, you can cancel it before the upload has completed.

  • I accidentally deleted the wrong file from the folder, how can I retrieve it?
    If you, as the folder creator, deleted a file by mistake, it will have to be re-uploaded.

  • Can I extend the expiration date of my folder?
    The default expiration date is set to 1 day(s) from the time the folder was last updated.  The maximum expiration date can be set to 5 day(s).  You can continue to edit the settings of a folder to increase the expiration date.  Theoretically, a folder can be kept indefinitely if the folder’s settings are continually updated.

  • Can I add items to a folder?
    Yes.  Pick an existing folder and continue to upload files as you would normally.

  • Will a new link be created with every update?
    It will depend on which link you are refering to.  The link for accessing a File-Express folder for file downloads stays the same throughout the folder's life. The link sent to an outside user for upload will be good until the upload process is completed. If an outside uploader requires access to upload additional files the folder creator will have to edit the folder's settings to readd the outside uploader settings.

  • Can a recipient re-use the same link if the folder is still active?
    Yes, provided the recipient’s authentication allows them access to the folder the link will still work as long as the folder is still active. Once the folder has been deleted or the access expiration date met, the link will no longer work because the folder will have been deleted from the system.

  • I have multiple people downloading my file; can I see who accessed my file already?
    You are able to see if someone accesses your File-Express folder when you check the "Access Notification" box. If the folder requires Gatorlink authentication you will be sent the gatorlink username and full name of the person that accessed your File-Express folder. If the folder does not require authentication you will be sent the IP address of the client accessing it.

  • Will I be "timed-out" during the upload of a large file?
    There should not be any type of "time-out" issues during a file upload. On occassion we have seen instances where the upload application has trouble reading a file from your computer and produces an error. If you experience this type of problem first try to upload the file again or try to upload a different file to test whether your connection to File-Express: File Sharing Service is still good. If problems persist, contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP (392-4357).

  • Can I/recipients access/view files thru mobile device?
    Theoretically, yes. Provided the mobile device can:
    • access the website per the sender’s authentication requirements,
    • has the bandwidth to download the file, and
    • has the ability(required plug-ins) to read the file.

  • Who can access my files? Can they edit/ delete them?
    The access levels are set by the sender. A folder’s access:
    • can be left completely open (No Authentication mode – anyone who knows the URL can get in),
    • can force Gatorlink authentication (Any Gatorlink  User mode- anyone who can Gatorlink authenticate gets in),
    • or can force Gatorlink authentication and only lets a specific list of Gatorlink users in (Gatorlink From List mode).
    Recipients can only download/view the items in the folder.  The system is not meant for shared editing/modification/deletion.

  • How secure is the system?
    The system is hosted on CNS’ open systems web hosting and follows all UF guidelines accordingly. All communication to/from the web app is conducted through HTTPS connections.  Data is encrypted in transit.  Files are scanned for viruses and then encrypted once uploaded for storage. Files are decrypted as they are served (they are never decrypted to disk again).

  • What is this [filename] file in my File-Express folder?
    File-Express: File Sharing Service scans files for viruses/trojans/malware before encryption and making them available in your File-Express folder. If the viruscan finds something it deletes the file and places a simple text file in its place named after the original filename but with the additional extensions ( First, this is done to protect the end user from downloading infected files. Second, it is done to provide some sort of notification to the creator and users of the folder that there was a problem with the file.

  • How do I log out?
    Simply close the browser window to log out of the system.

  • How come email addresses I enter are disappearing?
    The system does some checking to verify the correct format of email addresses. Addresses with invalid characters or non-existent/invalid domains will be quietly deleted from your entry.

  • Why am I getting more than one email from File-Express: File Sharing Service telling me files are uploaded?
    File-Express: File Sharing Service continuously monitors for new folders and files. As long as a file is currently being uploaded into a folder no email is sent. However, if you complete an upload and delay a couple minutes before starting the next upload a situation could exist where File-Express: File Sharing Service thinks you have finished uploading files and will send the emails before your next file is uploaded.