File-Express: File Sharing Service

File-Express: File Sharing Service is designed to allow members of the UF community to share files in a secure and easy manner.

About Restricted Data

File-Express: File Sharing Service has undergone a security review that makes it permissable to be used with certain types of restricted information. Among other security settings that make this possible, all files uploaded are encrypted by File-Express: File Sharing Service. However, when restricted information is to be uploaded into a File-Express folder additional restrictions are enforced during folder creation:

  • The File-Express folder will be deleted at midnight.
  • You will be required to use Gatorlink from list authentication.
  • You will be required to provide a list of gatorlink IDs which can access the File-Express folder

It is not permissable to distribute certain types of restricted information through File-Express: File Sharing Service because of the risks involved. When in doubt, always contact the UF Privacy Office to obtain confirmation that you may use File-Express: File Sharing Service with your data. Restricted information that is specifically disallowed from being uploaded to File-Express: File Sharing Service includes:

  • social security numbers
  • patient health information (PHI)
  • payment card information (PCI)
  • export controlled information subject to ITAR and EAR

Temporary gatorlink accounts can be created when wanting to distribute restricted information through File-Express: File Sharing Service to individuals that do not already have a gatorlink account. These accounts can usually be created by your unit's Directory Coordinator and/or Information Technology manager. For information about this see the Gatorlink Account Management & Security page.


Definition of Restricted Information - Any and all personal identification information, protected health information, financial information, and other information protected by law or contract, applicable to the University of Florida or its affiliated entities, as the case may be, or their respective personnel in their official capacities, in any format (paper, electronic, or other). Examples include: medical records and medical record numbers; student UFID numbers, grades, schedules, records, and reports; selected human resource data; social security numbers; and any individual consumer financial account information, including credit and debit card numbers. For questions, please contact the UF Privacy Office at 352-273-1212.