File-Express: File Sharing Service

File-Express: File Sharing Service is designed to allow members of the UF community to share files in a secure and easy manner.


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Authentication Issues:

Anyone with a Gatorlink user account can login to the File-Express web application and create a folder for file distribution. They can choose the recipient's authentication to include:

  • any Gatorlink account
  • a specific list of Gatorlink accounts
  • or non-UF user with no authentication needed

If a non-UF user is provided with a File-Express folder but receives a password prompt when attempting to access it, they should contact the folder creator to ensure that "No Authentication" has been selected for that folder. If you do Gatorlink Authenticate to access a File-Express folder but receive an "Authorization Failed" message, you should contact the folder creator to ensure that they included your gatorlink account, or spelled it correctly, when they created the folder.

If a File-Express folder was created with a "Restricted Data Upload" setting of "Yes" then authentication is required. As a result, users must have a gatorlink account to access the File-Express folder. Temporary gatorlink accounts can be created by your directory coordinator in cases where you need to distribute restricted data to people without a UF gatorlink account.

File Upload Issues:

At times the upload application has trouble reading a file from your computer and an error is produced (as displayed below). If you experience this type of problem first try to upload the file again or try to upload a different file to test whether your connection to File-Express: File Sharing Service is still good. This error, in particular, happens when you are trying to read a file from a network drive, CD/DVD, flash drive, or some other kind of external media. Copy the file to a different location, a local hard drive, and try to upload from this new location. If problems persist, contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP (392-4357) for additional troubleshooting help.

Additionally, this problem seems to impact the Silverlight and Flash uploaders more often than the HTML5 uploader. The Silverlight and Flash uploaders are used by default in Internet Explorer. Switch to using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari if this problem happens to you in order to switch to the HTML5 uploader.



Sometimes the system will encounter issues while encrypting files. Automatic processes are in place to correct these errors. However, it does take File-Express: File Sharing Service time to identify a problem and correct it. As a result there could be substantial time between your final file upload and the email sent by File-Express: File Sharing Service to explain that the folder is ready.

The system tends to encounter these problems when there are a substantial number of files in a File-Express folder. To reduce the likelihood of problems it is preferred that a user creates an archive file (ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc) when uploading more than ten files to a File-Express folder.

If you believe your folder is experiencing one of these delays please contact the UF Computing Help Desk.

Preferred Browsers:

The upload manager supports three means of performing file uploads. In order of preference they are: HTML 5 (supported by the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), Microsoft Silverlight, and Adobe Flash. As a result, File-Express: File Sharing Service will work with almost any browsers, and any version, for uploading files as long as the Adobe Flash plugin is installed. Downloads from File-Express: File Sharing Service do not have any dependancies.

For a list of UF supported browsers, click here.

If you are experiencing issues with application accessibility due to browser issues contact the UF Computing Help Desk.